Banksters Attracts Over 10,000 Users Worldwide

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We vividly remember the moment we celebrated our first 100 users! It feels like it was just yesterday. And indeed, it hasn’t been long since February 1st — and now we have reached our first 10 000 Banksters in the Crypto Space! The journey was not easy however our team as well as our supporters of our great community has made this happen. Great things are coming soon, and we promise we will not disappoint our future community members.

Unbelievable beginning of a big way to success of every Bankster

Banksters has already transformed the lives of many users. Now, they are not merely battling the market — they can compete with each other to find out whose trading skills are better.

The game is also intriguing for gamers, as it provides a safe environment for them to explore the crypto market and strategies that influence it.

Banksters provides a unique and free opportunity to showcase skills in trading, mining, using NFTs, and competing against other players.

We claim that Banksters isn’t just a trading simulator. It is the Innovative EduTech Platform that combines the thrilling world of cryptocurrencies and trading with competitive gameplay.

One of these prominent moments that were touchable for us and our vivid community

Banksters reaches the 10,000 User Milestone

The number of registrations for the Banksters game has surpassed 10,000.

As stated by Alex Altgausen, the CEO:

“The game was launched in beta version in February 2023. In six months, we managed to reach a figure of 10,000 player registrations from all over the world, including Europe, South America, Bangladesh, India, Korea, Romania, Turkey, and Thailand. This is a significant achievement for us, and we are grateful to our community, who not only play and learn every day but also provide feedback to help us improve the game. Very soon, we will launch the NFT Sale, and every player will be able to gain even more experience and knowledge from the game.”

Check our NFT-Rarities. They will be soon available for sale

So, we advise you to stay tuned and play Banksters as we are currently planning airdrops and several contests.

We are also preparing to launch a referral program, as well as one of the best Airdrops ever soon on the NFT and Token Market — be among the first Banksters, recommend it to your friends, and you will receive bonuses, which we will discuss later.

We have many exciting things in store. However, the most important thing we already have is our community. Because Banksters is not just a simulator. It is a social platform for traders and gamers, where they can easily connect and discuss topics related to Web3, crypto, blockchain, and the world of the future.

From Banksters With Love

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