Banksters: Learn Trading Strategies through In-Game Abilities

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Learning how to trade can be a monotonous and sometimes stressful activity. Banksters combines the best of both worlds, improving your understanding of trading strategies through in-game abilities with gaming fun, allowing you to learn essential trading strategies in a new and engaging way. Let’s dive deep into the abilities — their real market cases and in-game.

In Banksters players are given digital avatars with various abilities that can alter the value of their portfolio’s coins.

Players act as portfolio managers tasked with maximizing their profits by managing a collection of virtual coins.

Still, these abilities only impact the coin’s value and not the player’s overall score. Instead, the decision to use the ability will directly impact the market, affecting the results of other players in the same round.

All abilities can be used only once per round. The other limitation for their usage is Influence — the more points of Influence the player has, the more abilities can be implemented.

Each Ability costs either 1 or 2 Influence points.
Each Ability gives a certain amount of points.

How to count the exact number of points for each Ability?

The score for each ability can be determined by summarizing the base points with skill points (T1,T2,T3,T4). In case the ability has a special bonus, the skill points are added to the special points.

Here is the list of all abilities, as well as their real-world use cases:

This strategy allows players to change their trade direction from long to short or vice versa, similar to a “hedging” technique, to potentially minimize losses or capitalize on market movements.

  • Swap Coin: Changes to a better-performing crypto instrument.

This strategy involves exchanging one virtual coin for another that performs better, similar to “asset allocation” or “market timing” strategies.

  • Elon’s Tweet: Boosts the selected coin by at least +62 points at the end of the current round.

This ability leverages the power of news and market sentiment, similar to “news-based trading” strategies, where traders react to market-moving events or statements.

  • Rally: Boosts the selected coin by +17 points per round for three rounds.

This strategy involves riding the momentum of a particular virtual coin, similar to a “trend-following” approach, to capitalize on its upward price movement.

  • CZ’s Effect: Boosts the selected coin by at least +34 points per round for three rounds. This strategy is similar to Rally but with a higher level of market impact, similar to “momentum trading” strategies.

This strategy also simulates the impact of Changpeng Zhao, aka CZ, the Binance founder, on the market.

  • Hype: Boosts the selected coin by at least +22 points and at least +11 points for each ability applied to the coin.

This strategy is similar to “contrarian” approaches, where players look to profit from market overreactions by investing in undervalued or unpopular virtual coins.

  • Vitalik’s Buzz: Boosts the selected coin by at least +44 points and at least +22 points for each ability applied to the coin.

This strategy is similar to Hype and imitates Vitalik Buterin’s impact on the market.

  • Pump & Dump: Boosts the best-performing coin by at least +37 points in the current round.

This strategy involves exploiting market volatility and speculation, similar to “high-frequency trading” approaches, but carries a higher level of risk and is not recommended for long-term trading.

  • Market Squeeze: Boosts the worst-performing coin by at least +66 points at the end of the current round.

This ability boosts the worst-performing virtual coin and is related to “Contrarian Trading” strategies.

  • Insider Trade: Boosts the selected coin by at least +34 points and +68 points if no other abilities are applied on this coin.

This ability boosts the selected virtual coin through privileged information, similar to “Inside Information” strategies.

Skills of a particular Bankster determine the final score for each ability

In Banksters, the characters have unique skills that determine their abilities. These power skills are divided into different grades. Higher grades provide greater bonuses to the corresponding ability. If multiple skills influence a particular ability, the effect of these skills is combined to produce a stronger result.

If you want to understand how the skill points are figured out, please check our article about Banksters Skills.

By leveraging these abilities and considering their impact on both the market and their opponents, players can increase their chance of success in the game.

Basic Abilities Rules

We hyperlinked the abilities, so you can delve into the intricacies of each ability and find out how they function within the game, as well as the connection between skills and abilities.

In the video below we gathered 4 main rules and tactics for you to maximize the results of each ability.

Watch all the tactics for each ability in our YouTube playlist!

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