Banksters qualify for the highly anticipated First ever BNB Chain Game Jam

3 min readMar 9, 2023


Banksters, a web3 trading game developed by Lava Games, is making waves in the gaming community for its engaging gameplay and cutting-edge technology. Designed to be played on the Binance Smart Chain, Banksters is set to participate in the highly anticipated 1st BNB Chain Game Jam, where it is poised to be a top contender.

What is the BNB Chain Game Jam?

The 1st BNB Chain Game Jam plans to bring together developers worldwide to build and showcase blockchain games. The event will be a four-week online competition for developers to create and showcase their gaming projects to compete in multiple tracks. Various Mobile, PC, Web, and chain-integrated games are all eligible to compete, provided they follow the rules and theme of the event.

What is the Judging criteria:

  • Gameplay: fun & playable
  • Graphics: visual quality of the game, including style, visual effects, and overall presentation.
  • User experience: ease of use, control responsiveness, and overall enjoyment.
  • Accessibility: players of all skill levels or should be able to enjoy the game.
  • BUSD/BNB Chain: Have to use BUSD and/or have NFTs on BNB Chain and/or live on ZK BNB Chain.

What will the Winners get ?

  • Each category gets 1/2/3 places
  • 1st place in each category go to MVB6
  • All category winners receive tweets on BNB chain
  • All category participants get BNB Chain Kickstart
  • All winners get exclusive premium offering of BNB Chain Kickstart

The first Chain Game Jam theme is social games with a particular focus on games designed to be played with friends or other players online, offering bonus points or rewards for playing against other players. With Banksters’ innovative gameplay and web3 integration, the game is perfectly positioned to showcase its unique features at the event.

An Overview of Banksters

Banksters is a PvP (Player versus player) game that explores the world of fantasy trading, where players predict market trends, influence price and earn rewards. The game uses BANKSTERS — Digital avatars as playable characters.

There are two types of digital avatars — non-NFT ( Hamsters ) and NFT. Bankster NFTs are divided into a class-hierarchy system where an NFT can belong to any of the 7 classes. The higher the class of the NFT, the better the attributed abilities of the avatar.

The Banksters Game uses live price data to simulate real-time trading experience where players can directly influence the value of their chosen cryptocurrencies with certain abilities. To attend such competitions players mine in-game currency and use it as an entry fee to win Investment runs.

Banksters is a game at the forefront of blockchain technology and gaming. So with its innovative gameplay and web3 integration, it is no surprise that the game has been invited to the inaugural Chain Game Jam. Get a sneak peek at what’s to come at the event by trying out Banksters for yourself at

You can visit, comment and discuss topics directly on the Banksksters Game Jam.




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