Banksters: Reshaping the Trading World

3 min readJan 19, 2023


Trading used to be considered a dangerous activity that only experienced people could handle. Conversely, gaming is something that anyone and everyone can do. Banksters aims to bridge the gap between gaming and trading, presenting users with an easy, fun, and exciting way to trade and earn rewards in the crypto world. With Banksters, traders do not need to act as lone wolves and follow the market trends. Instead, Banksters wants to bring the vast community of traders, NFT enthusiasts, crypto miners, and gamers under one roof.

What’s Different About Banksters?

Banksters recognized a gap in the crypto market. Where crypto gamers are heavily engaged in exciting and fun-filled activities, traders and NFT enthusiasts are busy devising new strategies to earn windfall gains. The merger of gaming interfaces topped with the trader’s strategies and approaches is Banksters. It is one of the few projects focusing on giving traders, NFT enthusiasts, and miners a fun way to interact with the market, their peers, and the competition.

At its core, Banksters is a Web3 gaming platform rewarding players for understanding market trends. The users can challenge each other on the platform to predict market trends and earn rewards for winning the challenges. So, the expert trader can utilize their understanding of the market and make money from betting on others’ predictions while having fun.

The “FUN” part is an essential aspect of Banksters, as the team behind the project wants to make trading, mining, swapping, buying, and selling NFTs creative and innovative.

The Team Behind Banksters

The Banksters team consists of veteran entrepreneurs, product developers, technical experts, game developers, and crypto experts. Together the Banksters team is creating a free-to-play and multi-utility platform immune to the effects of bearish and bullish market trends.

Bankster’s CEO, Alex Altagausen, is the co-founder of the company. Alex is also the co-founder of StormGain, a successful crypto exchange platform. Today StormGain is among one of the top 30 Derivatives Exchanges. The company’s COO, Kostantin Seliuminau, is also the head of product at StormGain. Under Seiliuminau’s leadership, StormGain came to the list of the top 10 most downloaded crypto applications in 2021.

Dimi Gornov, the Chief Technical Officer (CTO), has led several engineering teams to build successful crypto products. He is behind deploying the crypto infrastructure of two crypto projects and has also worked as CTO at XCOEX.

Moving ahead, the Banksters team is also proud to have Igor Klyukin as the CPO (Chief Product Officer). Among the earlier roles, Igor Klyukin was the COO at Pixonic and the Chairman of the Board of Directors. It was under his leadership that “War Robots” was globally acclaimed. Lastly, the team includes Alexandru Carbunariu, who brings a decade of experience as a Staff and Trading mentor at, as well as launching different Blockchain projects over the past 3 years.

The Crypto Gaming Marketing is Booming at High

The beauty of crypto gaming is that anyone can join this industry. So is the market getting saturated with thousands of crypto gaming products coming to the market? To some extent, yes. There are over 50 to 70 million crypto-gaming enthusiasts who have a lot of different platforms to have fun and earn rewards.

On the other hand, there are more than 200 million crypto traders, 300 million NFT users, and 20 to 30 million crypto miners. This audience has a lot of platforms to earn money from however, only a few platforms to have fun while trading. This is where Banksters enters as a fun and NFT-based play-and-earn crypto gaming platform. Here users can mine and invest without losing all the fun they otherwise can have while playing a blockchain game.

The players compete with each other to earn money while enjoying the gameplay amidst an environment of competition and excitement. The purpose of Banksters is to give players a platform where they can influence the outcome of their investments. The ultimate goal of Banksters is to transform the world and make trading fun and competitive.




Web3 trading simulator and EduTech platform that rewards users for understanding crypto market trends.