Our Profound Roadmap and Tokenomics

Banksters is a web3 gaming and trading platform offering play and earn mechanisms with free entry. The game contains more or less a trading platform that rewards its users for understanding the crypto market trends. In essence, Banksters is gamifying crypto trading, giving users an interactive space to trade and earn rewards. Only now, trading has been monotonous for users, and Banksters is addressing this gap to trade better in terms of user experience.

Banksters Tokenomics | Ticker, Price, and Maximum Supply

Banksters will operate on its native cryptocurrency, $BARS, which has a maximum supply of 300 million tokens. The launch price of $BARS is $0.10 and is expected to increase as the market dynamics play their role. The token distribution and vesting schedule is as follows;

  • 25% of the token supply is dedicated to Play & Earn with a two year vesting period. This means that some funds will be devoted to Play and Earn for two years.
  • 20% of the supply will be kept aside for investors and backers. However, there will be a cliff period of 6 months and then 18 months of vesting. For the first six months, no token supply will be directed toward investors and backers.
  • Again, 20% of the token supply will be directed towards Treasury and Liquidity, which has a vesting period of 1 year and has several planned splits.
  • Moreover, 10% of the funds are kept aside for the team and its functioning. Here, the cliff period is six months, and the vesting period is 18 months.
  • Then there are two presale rounds, PreSale 1 and PreSale 2. Each presale round will have a 10% cut and a 6-months vesting period.
  • Lastly, 5% of the token supply is kept aside for advisors, but it has a six months cliff period. Followed by this, it has an 18-month vesting period.

In crypto, vesting refers to the transfer of ownership of tokens after the criteria in the contract are met. In Banksters, the vesting period is associated with the completion of specific project stages.

Banksters Roadmap and What to Look Forward To?

Banksters will begin operating in February 2023 with the Open-Beta Testing, wherein the users can experience core gameplay, leaderboards, advanced mining mechanism, and crypto rewards. Moreover, the users will also check how mining works and access a game tutorial. By the first quarter of 2023, Banksters will progress to the Soft Launch Stage. After that, the Banksters application will be available on Google Play and App Store.

Moreover, the users will view detailed in-game statistics and loot boxes. In addition, there will be updates to mining and new sound design. Come 2023’s second quarter (Global Launch). Banksters users will use an in-game wallet and an in-game exchange widget. Moreover, a referral system will allow users to earn rewards by bringing new players to the platform. In the 2nd quarter, the players could communicate in-game with the Bridge-Chat system, Telegram, and Discord.

In the third quarter, Banksters will get its Social Release and will be added with a new PvE 3D mode. In addition, a new mode will be added, Spectacular Mode, and the existing users can experience challenges. Moreover, the players will get new abilities and traits meant for Banksters.

The fourth quarter will be instrumental for Banksters, bringing the Metaverse Release. The users will experience 3D visualization of clan property and Banksters Metaverse. The last two foreseeable updates of 2024 are Strategic updates tentative to be released in the first and second quarter of 2024.



Web3 mobile game that rewards users for understanding crypto market trends

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Web3 mobile game that rewards users for understanding crypto market trends