Exclusive Interview with Alex Altgausen, CEO and Founder of Banksters

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Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind Banksters and how the idea came about?

A: At the end of the day Banksters is the first Trading Game in Web3. The idea was born from the single fact that the gaming industry has not focused on what the crypto world has to offer. We have to admit, most of the Web3 games out there follow more or less the same story line, with no actual fresh inputs, our idea was to create something new inspired from reality and also solve the ever present problem of crypto trading — distress.

How does Banksters differ from other blockchain-based games currently on the market?

A: We are the only game that takes the user on an exciting journey around the crypto world, especially in the crypto industry. In the game, you will be able to place predictions (where you can engage your trading skills), mine (we created a one-of-kind cloud miner), as well as use NFTs as Avatars that will provide certain ‘’abilities’’ that influence the market, like we see in the real world.

Can you walk us through the gameplay and how players can earn rewards?

A: It’s very simple! You just need to visit https://banksters.com/ then press on ‘Play Now’ . You can register an account on your web browser or download the iOS/Android App. As soon as you are in the game, simply click ‘Invest Run’, select your Avatar, each with different abilities.

After selecting an avatar, you will need to predict the short term value for any 5 coins. As soon as you select the Coins, the invest run will start. Live/real players will join the challenge, and you will have to battle it out using specific NFT abilities to influence your prediction and win each round of the Invest Run, with each run being playable for 5 rounds. The Bankster that wins the Invest Run will get rewards in the $BARS token! The key to players’ success is navigating the volatile market by employing the right abilities at the right time, to win each round, and ultimately — the Invest Run.

How do you see Banksters evolving in the future, and what updates or features can players expect to see?

A: Most of the in-game features are already there, however there is a plethora of new features in the pipeline.

We take our community’s feedback seriously and we are constantly trying to add new things for a better user experience. But what’s important is that we will launch a fully functional game at the official game launch, so players can get a good grip on what we created. We are striving to be a leader in the ‘’New Era of Crypto projects’’, an era where you test the project’s product before investing or buying an NFT. In Banksters, we have created a free demo Bankster called “Hamsters” to make it accessible for everyone to play for free.

With the increasing popularity of blockchain gaming, how does Banksters plan to stand out and attract players?

A: That’s a good question! It’s easy to point out similarities when you compare other existing web3 projects. Quite often, other web3 projects employ the same formula. The classic, “find a weapon, slay the boss, and move on to a bigger enemy” is common in blockchain gaming projects. It’s rinse and repeat.

Here is where Banksters stands out — taking a user around the Crypto World where you can predict markets, try to influence your coin, mine with different mining rigs, upgrade them in order to have a better mining ratio,you can even sell, breed and grow your NFTs! Our game is addressed to beginners and also experts — and I guarantee that you will immediately get hooked just as our community did.

How does Banksters balance fun gameplay with education and learning about the world of cryptocurrency?

A:Our game desires to attract all kinds of users. If you are new to the crypto world then Banksters can help you understand how it works. It will prepare you for ‘’what’s about to come’’, giving insights on how cruel or fun the Crypto World can be.

What we know is that no one can know the whole Crypto Industry. Banksters not only provides an opportunity for traders to predict top coins, it also helps them understand what virtual mining is and how it is done, or how NFTs are used. This also works in reverse, giving NFT enthusiasts a chance to understand how trading works and how they can prepare themselves.

Banksters is for everyone, for experienced users or users that have just started, this is what actually makes us different from other concepts.

How does Banksters approach security and protecting player assets, such as cryptocurrency and NFTs?

A: We take security very seriously, we all know at least 2–3 projects that have had security breaches. Our aim is to implement new and tested technology then audit/check everything with a 3rd party, to make sure that everything is secure.

Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring game developers looking to enter the blockchain gaming space?

Try to free your mind and think ‘’outside of the box’’ you can take an existing product, reengineer it and make something new. Or try to find a new audience. It’s very hard to sell/expose your product to the same audience. Try to identify a new audience, then create a product for that particular audience, otherwise you will need to ‘’fight your way’’ to grab a ‘’slice of the pie’’ (or market) that is getting thinner and thinner by every quarter.

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