Exploring NFTs: There’s More Than Digital Art

4 min readAug 29, 2023


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have taken the digital world by storm, revolutionizing the way we perceive ownership and value in the digital realm.

However, after the initial surge in popularity, the reputation of NFTs suffered significantly due to the lack of authentic projects and liquidity.

Today, let’s explore which type of NFTs deserve your attention and why Banksters Digital Avatars belong to the new generation of digital assets.

Banksters are not JPEGs. They are superheroes that are capable to impact the market.

Digital Art (JPEGs)

Undoubtedly, NFTs gained their initial recognition through the art industry. NFTs enable artists to tokenize their creations, proving ownership and authenticity through blockchain technology.

This has opened doors for digital artists, allowing them to monetize their work in ways that were previously impossible. People tend to call these items “JPEGs”, because these pictures have no utility — it is just a way to show respect for the artist.

In case the particular artist is popular or becomes popular, his digital assets grow in price. However, lots of such NFT-collections were just a quick way to collect money and quit projects, therefore it is often just a waste of money.

Utility NFTs

Everything that goes beyond this digital art and collectibles is connected with utility NFTs.

A utility NFT, also known as a functional NFT or use-case NFT, is a type of non-fungible token that goes beyond the traditional concept of representing ownership of digital art or collectibles.

Unlike standard NFTs, which primarily serve as digital certificates of ownership for unique items, utility NFTs have a functional or practical purpose within a digital ecosystem, platform, or application.

Utility NFTs are designed to unlock specific features, content, services, or experiences within a digital environment. They essentially embed utility or functionality into the token itself, making it more than just a static representation of ownership.

These tokens can be thought of as digital keys that grant access to certain actions or content, adding an interactive dimension to the concept of NFTs.

Different NFTs — different utility

Types of Utility NFTs:

Gaming Items and Characters: In the gaming world, utility NFTs can represent in-game items, characters, or assets that players can use or trade within a game.

These NFTs might provide unique abilities, cosmetic upgrades, or other advantages.

Virtual Real Estate: Utility NFTs can represent parcels of virtual land in decentralized virtual worlds. Owners of these NFTs can build structures, create experiences, or generate income within the virtual space.

Access to Content: Some utility NFTs grant access to specific digital content, such as articles, videos, music, or other forms of media. This can be used by content creators to offer premium or exclusive content to their audience.

Collectibles with Real-World Value: an NFT could represent ownership of a limited-edition physical product, with the token serving as a voucher for claiming it.

Membership and Loyalty Programs: Businesses can issue utility NFTs as part of loyalty or membership programs. These NFTs might grant holders access to special discounts, exclusive events, or other perks.

Virtual Events and Experiences: NFTs can represent tickets to virtual events, conferences, or experiences in virtual reality environments.

Banksters Digital Avatars Have Many Utilities

Banksters is a trading EduTech simulator that takes you on a safe journey to the World of Crypto and Blockchain. By using Banksters NFTs a person gets a chance to participate in certain Invest Runs, where the players compete with each other in trading skills. The better rarity of NFT — the more abilities and better mining capacity you have.

More about Banksters Rarities will be soon in a separate article

Banksters is the only chance for market professionals and enthusiasts to compete in trading skills. Therefore Banksters NFTs are sustainable. It is difficult to imagine that a user will sell all of his items — how can he compete in Invest Runs and get some profit without a real Bankster Avatar?

By the way, you can participate in the first Banksters Airdrop and get Banksters NFTs for free. Just be among the TOP 1000 users and you will win one!

More info you can find on the official pages. Stay tuned!




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