Maximizing Your Banksters Strategy with CZ’s Effect and Rally

4 min readApr 22, 2023

If you are new to the crypto world, then CZ might not be known to you. However, you likely will have heard of his main project, Binance Exchange — with more than $28,000,000,000 in daily trading volume and over 13,000,000 weekly visits. Could you imagine CZ’s impact on the whole crypto market? Let’s take a deeper dive into this, shall we?

Experience the true Rally with the CZ’s Effect in Banksters

Who is CZ?

Changpeng Zhao, aka CZ, is a Chinese-born Canadian businessman, popularly known for his role as the founder and CEO of Binance Exchange and the mind behind the BNB Chain Network.

Since establishing Binance, CZ has slowly expanded his influence in the world of finance, setting himself up as a “market maker” with some influence on it.

Here are some facts about CZ and Binance that will show you his true effect on the whole market:

  1. According to a study by Ren & Heinrich ‘Binance Effect’ means 41% Price Spike for newly listed tokens on average — varying from 24% to 152%.
  2. Token prices spike on average 73% in the first 30 days following their listing on crypto exchange Binance.
  3. After the fall of FTX, Zhao has become one the biggest names left standing in cryptocurrency, and Binance’s business now vastly outpaces every other crypto exchange by wide margins.
  4. We could go on in detail, giving exact examples of how particular coins were impacted on Binance; however, we believe you got the point.

Imagine that you can actually experience the power of his influence…

So how can we achieve that power?

To be CZ implies having the ability to influence the price in your favor; this can be a superlative ability that can help mitigate trading losses or even give you a head start over others trading the same asset. Unfortunately, not many people have accumulated CZ’s wealth and influence.

And this is where Banksters come in…

What is Banksters?

Banksters is a Play&Earn, PvP, first-ever crypto trading and investing game that brings the power of CZ and Rally to your fingertips.

Read more about Banksters at Game Jam

How it works

Banksters compete with each other in Investment Runs. They predict the flow of particular coins and have certain abilities that can help them not only predict but also influence the market.

CZ’s Effect is similar to Rally due to the fact that it allows the player to boost the value of a coin over a period of 3 rounds. The main difference with the CZ’s Effect is that it costs more while providing a bigger boost per round, resulting in a higher total impact. Below we will present how the CZ’s Effect as well as the Rally ability work, since they can have a similar outcome.

To use these abilities during an Investment Run, certain conditions must be met.

  1. Players must have already selected an avatar with this ability/-ies.
CZ’s Effect

2. “CZ’s Effect” costs “2 Influence points” to use. “Rally” — 1 influence point. Players can only use these abilities once per round.

It works as simple as shown here

3. Applying CZ’s Effect or Rally will boost your results at the end of each round (for 3 rounds), maximizing your results.

4. If your opponents have the same instrument, their gameflow will also be impacted, depending on their trade direction.

Score distribution

The number of points on CZ’s Effect and Rally varies from Bankster to Bankster, depends on Banksters’ skills and rarity.

More about skills points can be read in our separate article.


The base is 16 points, where +1, +3, +4, or +6 points are added depending on the number of skills responsible for the ability. So it makes a minimum of +51 (16+1 per round x 3 rounds) or a maximum of +90 (16+1+3+4+6 per round x 3 rounds) or any other option of these points’ combination.

CZ’s Effect

The base is 32 points, where +2, +6, +8, or +12 points are added depending on the number of skills responsible for the ability. So it makes a minimum of +102 (32 + 2 per round x 3 rounds) or a maximum of +180 (32 + 2 + 6 + 8 + 12 per round x 3 rounds) or any other option of these points’ combination.

If you want to become a professional Bankster, please watch our video with some key scenarios.

Check out the possible strategies

Do you want to become a real Bankster?

To influence the financial markets to your desire was to dream of the impossible, and only folks like CZ held this power in their hands. Those days are over. With Banksters, you can feel the power of CZ’s Effect on the market and experience a true Rally!

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