Mining Secrets of Banksters

Crypto introduced a new kind of online assets and a special way to keep it safe, called mining. Now, there’s a new trend where you can do this mining online, called cloud mining. The trading simulator Banksters combines these ideas: you mine tokens to join activities called Invest Runs. Let’s dive into the details.

4 min readAug 18, 2023

Classical Mining

Crypto mining refers to the process of validating and recording transactions on a blockchain network, thus securing the network and maintaining its integrity.

Miners use powerful computers to solve complex mathematical puzzles that verify transactions and bundle them into blocks. Successfully mining a block rewards miners with newly minted cryptocurrency coins and transaction fees.

How to assemble a mining rig

In the early days, mining could be carried out on personal computers, but the increasing complexity of puzzles demanded more computational power and led to higher environmental concerns.


Cloud Mining: Digital Mining Farms in the Sky

Instead of investing in expensive hardware and dealing with maintenance, cloud mining allows individuals to rent mining power from a remote data center. These data centers host the necessary hardware and offer mining packages, allowing users to mine cryptocurrencies without the need for physical equipment and personal CPU’s usage.

Additionally, cloud mining enables people with limited technical expertise to participate in cryptocurrency mining.


Mining in Banksters

Banksters will bring you on a journey, where you will experience how traditional mining and cloud mining both work.

Mining in-game currency allows a particular Bankster to participate in Invest Runs, upgrade a Bankster and its mining capacity.

Each Bankster has a room with its own mining equipment.

Each Mining Room has a different Mining Capacity

To receive the in-game Currency you have to claim it either per each Bankster or all of them.

Two ways to claim in-Game currency

Each Bankster has its own mining rate and mining capacity .

Mining process in Banksters

Mining rate refers to how much soft currency is produced each hour.

Mining capacity shows how many hours it takes to fill the whole line.

Mining overview will show you mining rate and mining capacity, as well as each Bankster’s balance

How to increase mining capacity?

  1. Level up your Bankster with BARS tokens.

2. Optimize your Mining Rig with Activity points.

Several upgrades for mining rig optimisation

Voltage tuning gives +5% to mining capacity and +25 soft currency per hour to mining rate.

Vram tweaks gives +10% to mining capacity and +75 soft currency per hour to mining rate.

Software upgrade gives +20% to mining capacity and +250 soft currency per hour to mining rate.

Improved cooling gives +35% to mining capacity and +4 Bars per hour to mining rate (which is very helpful for Invest Runs with Bars tokens entry fee).

Pool validator gives +50% to mining capacity and +10 Bars per hour to mining rate.

A short video with all answers about Mining in Banksters. Watch carefully!


The Banksters Simulator gives you the complex view on the entire crypto market — from mining and NFT-minting to understanding the market flow inside the Invest Runs.

Mining in Banksters will provide you a chance to attend Invest Runs for free to enjoy the spirit of competition in a friendly and safe environment.

Learn how to maximize your Bankster’s performance with in-Game abilities!

Join us now! And stay tuned!




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