The First Banksters Champions Give Their Insights

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Banksters is currently in the Open Beta phase, however we have our first champions. The ones that know all possible tactics for each ability — they play several hours per day to stay on top, competing with each other. We decided to interview these ‘’champs’’ to see how they feel and what can they tell us about their experience with Banksters.

Imagine, you are a champ in the future!

You have been a Leaderboard Champion, how does it feel? 🏆

Whybee: It feels absolutely amazing because it takes a great effort and skill to compete with other wonderful players and be at the top of the leaderboard.

Dragan Marian:I never believed I would become a champion. 😍😍

Johnny Moon: Is rewarding to see that the time and dedication is paid off. When you do something that you like, it doesn’t matter the challenges; anything can be overcomed.

Anghiel/AnghielB/Anghiel: It feels amazing to see that you’re nearing the end and you’re in first place with no chance of losing. There’s a certain satisfaction when your name is at the top.

Bekir006: Great. It’s nice to play all the time and get paid for your efforts. It feels like I’m a real banker.

Karayel71: Exciting and beautiful.

What does it take to become a Champ? 🤔

Whybee: Personally, I believe to be a champ you need to first understand how the game works, know what your avatars are capable of and also their weaknesses. And the important point which always helps me is, for every game I lose, I take note of which avatars have bested me and I’m always refining my strategies ahead of the next time we meet. Also you need to plan how long you’d be playing and resting for because there are other players ready to throw you off the top of the leaderboard at any moment.

Dragan Marian: It takes a lot of time spent on this wonderful game. 🥰🥰

Johnny Moon: Dedication, consistency, mindset, establish a strategy and follow it, meet the objectives you’ve established at the beginning of the challenge, trust your instinct.

Anghiel/AnghielB/Anghiel: You need to put in physical and mental effort, have various strategies depending on the opponents you encounter in the game, and have a good understanding of how to utilize the abilities of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Bekir006: After playing the game a bit, you set up your own strategy. It’s up to you to rise in the leaderboard by continuously playing the game.

Karayel71: Luck and effort.

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If you would describe Banksters in 5 words, what would it be? ⏰

Whybee: The future of Trade2win and Win2earn gaming. :)

Dragan Marian: Success is in the game, the more you play, the more you win, and the more you win, the better you will play. 😍😍😍

Johnny Moon: Competition, seriosity, new era in web3, professionalism, fun.

Anghiel/AnghielB/Anghiel: Indeed, it sounds great! Having a good team, being engaged and interested, and having an ideal situation are all important aspects.

Bekir006: Happy, ambitious, winning, having fun, and knowledgeable.

Karayel71: Calm, confident and enthusiastic.

What makes you come back and play more and more, what keeps you as a part of the community? ⚡️

Whybee: What pushes me to come back and play more is mostly the engagements from the telegram groups 😅😅. Whenever I see a new user in the group winning games, I want to hop into a game and pray I meet them so I can determine how good my new strategy is or if I should keep refining it. Also the game itself can get addicting when you see a healthy rivalry.

Dragan Marian: I really enjoy competition when I have someone to compete with. 👍👍👍

Johnny Moon: The fact that I can test my trader abilities, it becomes an addiction when you understand how to play and win, the community, the team, the prizes.

Anghiel/AnghielB/Anghiel: The fact that you enjoy competition, being part of an active community with many great ideas to improve the game, and not to mention the rewards given, all make it even more appealing.

Bekir006: The game is addictive after a while, you don't want to quit. But you can't leave even if you want. 😊

Karayel71: The project is promising for the future.

Describe how you see Banksters in the future 🕹️

Whybee: I see banksters launching globally and taking the market by storm. I see new rivalry and alliances being made within the community. I see the NFTs holding great values after they are launched. Overall I want the project to be a successful one and incorporate more Interesting challenges as it goes forward.

Dragan Marian: An ambitious project indeed! 🥰

Johnny Moon: The place where I aim to gain my financial freedom being part of one of the best web3 projects in the world.

Anghiel/AnghielB/Anghiel: I think it will have a very good future

Bekir006: Who plays more, the more they win, the more they win, the more they play.

Karayel71: It would be nice if it spread to a wider audience.

To what extent does the game simulate real-life cases? Investment Run itself, abilities, competition? 🤝

Whybee: On a scale of 1-10 I'd give it an 8.5.

Why? Mainly because the thrill you get from successful trading is identical to what you get playing the game. It simulates real life prices so you always have a broad idea of what's going on on the market even within the game, the abilities, though funny, have an almost perfect representation of real life matters just like Elon's tweet, pump & dump, etc. And the competition, hahaha that's my favorite part.

Dragan Marian: Family should always come first, and then everything else. 👍)

Johnny Moon: Everything, including when you chose the coins, the strategies put in practice

Anghiel/AnghielB/Anghiel: I believe it will have a very promising future.

Bekir006: The game is the truth itself. You show your talents, you try to win as you compete.

Karayel71: Competition in general.

What is your message to future community members and your personal message to the Banksters team? 🥇

Whybee: My message to the community members is, as much as there's a wide range of beliefs and ideology in the community, it's a good place to have fun, make new friends and also share knowledge about everything. And to the team, you are the best and I wish you all success. 😎😎

Dragan Marian: Ambition is key to success. 🥰🥰🥰

Johnny Moon: For the community: play and learn each day, don't be afraid to lose but take the word: lose and replace it with :learning. If you have doubts, ask for help, ask the veterans and learn from the best. For the team: Thank you for investing in this project, thank you for taking our ideas into consideration and keep promoting the project to the world because it deserves to be known by everyone! Looking forward to seeing the project live.

Anghiel/AnghielB/Anghiel: I will relay your message to future members that Banksters is an incredibly interesting game, probably the best/only one in the world in the crypto niche. I will also pass on your appreciation to the team, encouraging them to continue their outstanding work with the same seriousness and dedication. I'm glad you did this project. Thank you!

Bekir006: We can't thank the Banksters team enough. It opened the doors to a world we could not imagine. You can find the exact meaning of the word win in this game. Not just to win, but to win everything…

Karayel71: I think it is promising for the future, the Bankters team is enthusiastic.

We hope that this transparent interview has provided you more details on how our players feel about Banksters.

It’s quite possible you will meet these players in the Banksters Invest Runs, be careful — they know what to do. And if you win against them, then you know for sure — you have all chances to be a next champ!

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